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I have been a loyal customer of Postmates for a while now but the last few times I've ordered from you my order has come out with missing items or the order with did not come out correctly though I was charged for these extra items put on my food the last two times I ordered from Taco Bell I ordered two bean and cheese burritos with extra lettuce and extra onions and extra red sauce and two tacos with pico de gallo avocado ranch sauce and onions. Plus I had the avocado ranch sauce on the tacos also.

I called Taco Bell to make a complaint and they told me that it is you from Postmates that take our orders and submit them to whichever food place we go to. I'm very displeased with the fact that I feel as if you ripped me off quite a few times because all those items that I put on my burritos and tacos cost at least $0.35 and up I didn't say anything the first time but after two or three times having it happen it kind of gets pricey. I would like the money that I was charged from my last three orders return to my card please and if this keeps up I don't want to but I will go back to GrubHub because that way the restaurant get the order straight from me and don't have to rely and somebody else punching in orders oh and also I ordered a Bahama Breeze slushie large and just received a regular Bahama Breeze and last time I ordered a large I got a small.

Please please get your stuff together because I really would not want to go to another company. You need to keep a special instruction space on all orders so we can tell whoever it is giving the orders not to forget extra items added on to orders

User's recommendation: if you like to order food where the postmate pays no attention to detail...use playmates. bland and plain old food..yum (sarcasm).

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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