Ive ordered from them three times, but not once did they get my order right. In fact, not once from any restaurant did they even manage to come close to getting it right.

From pizzas I did not order, to phantom tacos instead of my chosen fare, to burgers that didnt even resemble the order placed, its difficult to imagine how they could so consistently get my order wrong so spectacularly. And, since Postmates decided to cease operating a customer service call center in favor of an automated approach, you can no longer contact them directly. In fact, once their automated system issues a ruling and determines the issue resolved - which you cannot appeal - you are literally left holding a bag of whatever you were given. On my case, I spent $22 (before tip), received the wrong order, informed their system that once more I had gotten screwed, and was given a shade over $4 for my troubles.

I could contact no one for assistance. I emailed, but that took me through an endless loop of informing me that the issue was resolved, and then had the preprogrammed audacity to offer a link to an explanation as to why I couldnt do anything about it. After emailing the mm directly, I gave them a chance to respond, which they chose to ignore.

I cancelled my service upgrade with them, and terminated my account. I wash my hands of them.

User's recommendation: Avoid this company. There are several options, try one of the others. These guys are simply awful to deal with.

Location: Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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