I placed an order, thinking this was a delivery service, which it was not as my order went through as pickup. I tried to reach you to change my order to pick up, but your phone number was not available for costumer complaints.

I was guided to the app, which I DID NOT use to place the order. I proceeded to download the app but it was not helpful as it said there was no order placed. I called red Robin and was told I couldn't cancel my order or change it unless I went through you. I had deal with trying to reach you for an hour when I should have been studying for a test.

When I finally figured out that i was never going to be able to reach you, my food had sat on a counter for 40 minutes. My food was cold and disgusting, but I couldn't get a refund.

I WILL NEVER EVER ORDER TROUGH YOU. I will make sure to post this on line and warn my friends about your service.

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

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