Rip off and poor customer service!!

Unless you want to just give them money for nothing!

Do yourself a favor order from someplace else!

I would definitely give them a -0 if it

I would definitely give them a -0 if it was possible! This company seems to be a rip off and a scam!!

My First time ordering from them.

I got a text saying that my order was 9 minutes away. After a very long wait... then Almost an hour later I get a text from an unknown number stating that my order could not be swiped? That I would need to call and cancel and choose another location.

I tried to respond to the text it came back undeliverable. When I tried to call customer service they were not taking verbal call! You had to use their website through the app. I had already asked a help question.

The app would not allow me to go any further in asking questions about my order. So I receive NO food delivery and was able to have any conversation to find out what was going on or how to fix. However, because I put a tip on the order they refused to refund the tip amount. They said I gave authorization for it.

I finally talked to live people..about four of them. The first one was a total Jerk! She kept over talking me said she would put a credit to my account of Postmates. I told her I did not want a credit I want it to be refunded back to my card.

Finally, she agreed. When the refund was put back to my card it was only for the food dollar amount. Again, when I called I had trouble the entire time. With the outcome of they were not going to refund the tip amount.

Kept saying An investigation would go on but there was no way they could refund that amount.Of course, I have disputed it through my credit card as I feel like this is fraud!

How can you charge for a service you did not get?

Honestly, I've heard this happened to a lot of people. Many people have been ripped off in other ways as well. I would definitely say stay as far away from this company 100%! Go with Door Dash never had a problem with them or another company.

I'm seriously hoping that they will refund the proper amount.

I feel like if they do not... then it would be criminal. They are stealing money from people.

I should state that after receiving a text from the driver (not 1 phone call but a text) and that was I could not respond to!

He put it down as he had delivered it 30 minutes later. Should have read the reviews prior




User's recommendation: Do not use unless you like giving $$ for nothing.

Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

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