First off let me say I was recently overcharged for an order from 7-11.

I ordered a tuna sandwich $5.85, Fresh Bananas for $1.44 which I did not receive.

goldfish cheddar 6.60z. for $2.75 which i did not receive and a 12pk can coke for $7.69.

Totaling $17.73 with taxes and fees it comes to$26.35 to which I was charged $28.27

on my screen it said the subtotal was $33.23 fees of $5.40 and delivery of $3.22 making the mew total $41.85.

I was Charged $28.27 on the day of purchase of said items, and then was charged the $41.85 Today bringing the total up to $70.12.

What on GODS green earth is going on???????????

Now I Expect to be full compensated for the items in which I did not receive and for all of the money that was taken from my account.

Now I tried calling but to no avail after being on hold for and hour and a half to which I kept hearing your estimated wait time is 59 minutes over and over again.

This needs to be taken care of immediately. Please call me so I can speak with a manager .

1-(70*) 712-****.

User's recommendation: Choose Grubhub instead.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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