You sent me an order this morning to go to the Jack in the Box on Hickory Street when I got over there they Jack in the Box was closed they've closed that down due to construction so I went to the other Jack in the Box here in Denton to fill the order when I went there I was not able to use my postmate card because there wasn't anything honest and it was declining it twice so I don't know what to do about that I tried to contact you so I contacted the customer and told her what happened but she said that they wouldn't you wouldn't refund her money if she cancelled the order so I'm not trying to make this hard for anybody I'm just trying to make it right for everybody I was ready to pick up the order and take it to her I like to have good business and I like to increase Bill does not not kill it so that's what happened and she ended up calling and canceling the order and she didn't get her order and I didn't didn't really get any satisfaction out of it either so I need a way to be able to contact you when there's a problem the lakes that you provide we're not designated for what I needed to tell you so there needs to be some way we can communicate and your people need to make sure the order is good before we go

User's recommendation: In this business that were in communication is vital if I can't contact you and you can't contact me quickly to solve the problem that's not a nuts not a good thing call a contact number or customer service number would be ideal so that we can handle problems if they arise that's my only recommendation.

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