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They got me for seventy five bucks between the two orders that's why they were canceled a twenty five dollar order turned into forty four by the time I was gonna pay so I hit cancel while the clock was still ticking. The first order they never brought me was on the eight and it was from eighteen bucks all the way to thirty once postmates was done charging it up.

I canceled and they're greedy *** kept the first thirty cuz there's not a temp hold anymore it was charged. The one today I can't reach them till Monday but hopefully I can dispute that idk cuz I have no faith in postmates anymore

Original review posted by user Jan 16, 2021

Barged me for a order that I canceled on the eighth. I did reorder at a price I could afford but they still didn't take the hold off of the order I canceled.

I never got it and my money wasn't returned. I made another order today and canceled it in time too. I have no faith in a greedy company that has no phone number and ppl don't get back on the website. I'm gonna try to dispute the one from today with my bank Monday and I could sure use some help getting them to pay me back from the eighth.

I will find out who they're regulated by eventually and I hope they're honest enuff to admit it and give me my money back. I'm a disabled war vet I don't deserve that from anyone

User's recommendation: Make sure you want what you order and don't cancel cuz they'll *** you oughta ur money and there's no way to get in touch with them in person or on the phone they do everything by app now even though they didn't ever answer that either. Trust you'll be pissed I'm missing about seventy five bucks cuz of this *** and I only make a thousand a month got five mouths here to feed they need to give me my money back cuz I never got the food that's highway robbery or theft by deception. I could probably press charges that's.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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