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After reading these review for 3 hours now lol. I think i see the problem!

And it is in the APP! I think drivers are running into problems and instead of canceling and contacting you with the info, they are completing the order on the app. Because if there is a problem when the driver is trying to pick up an order they have 2 options, cancel/ complete the order, so they can move on in the app. When I cancel an order it tells me my rating will be lowered and might now be able to log in next time.

So I can see drivers just completing even though it is not. This is POOR DESIGN IN THE AP. Don't know how it has lasted this long. Every time I go to deliver I am so stressed out because of the APP!

Drive to pick up and its closed, not serving items, don't have items, the list goes on and on! This is ridiculous bologna! Just recently these are things I had to cancel orders for: Down for Maintenance Jack in the Box, We don't serve lunch right now Mac Donald's, We can't do orders over $25.00 sorry What why I have credit card right here! Oh!

Here is a good one! KFC we are out of chicken! Wait what the colonel !! KFC is out of chicken.

I am telling ya's not the drivers stealing your food, it's the non-user-friendly app! Period it has to be....otherwise you'd end up like stupid me....and not get paid for gas and time. Hmm mm, still wouldn't do that. Especially now that I see what happens to the customer.

Can the customer cancel an order in the app?

I'm sure you can because I've driven to places that customers have canceled the order, and it doesn't show on my end. I really wish I had the solution here, but I don't. But I would like everyone to realize most of these problems all point to the APP! We want you to have your order that is why we are driving!

But the app makes it impossible, a lot of the time. And I never get the messages from customers until a day later, duh what good is that. No wonder I can't make any money.

Why would someone tip with all these issues? Also, the dynamic sync with automatic accepting pick-ups....ha they long haul you, and it's not dynamic at all

User's recommendation: unsure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Postmates Fleet Mobile Application.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Postmates Pros: Freedom.

Postmates Cons: Poor app design.

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