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After being charged a 30% service fee, taxed 32% and 28% tip, on top of that, they also charged an extra $23.35 to my credit card.

*30% service fee!!! Thats ludicrous!

*32% tax?!

Im pretty sure it should be anywhere between 6.25 and 8.25%.

*28% tip?!!! Thats not even one of the options! I chose the 20% option. The choices where 15, 20 or 25%, not 28%.

*After their incorrect calculations and overcharging me, on top of that my Credit card was charged an extra fantom $20.35!

I bought $79.32 worth of food and ended up being charged $154.61!

Thats almost doubled! Are you kidding me!

That was over a week ago. Since then Ive emailed the company three times, called several times being left on hold for over 34 minutes the last time and listened to a recording come on every few minutes claiming that I now have a one minute wait. It literally said one minute every time.

Finally giving up on that avenue, I found another number to attempt a call. Mind you, those phone numbers are not available on their website. When I called the other number a message came up right away saying Hello, thank you for calling Postmates customer support system. Weve transitioned to an in-app support system.

Please contact us at

Thats funny!.. thats where I began with this mess.

They obviously screwed me and many others and now are trying to make it impossible to get in touch with them.


The absolute worse company and (so called, unobtainable customer service) Ive ever dealt with.

Oh, I forget to mention.. the delivery was late!!! Yep!

About 45 minutes late.

You are HORRIBLE Postmates!

Shame on you!!!!

P.S. You still owe me my money back!

User's recommendation: Postmates are a huge scam! Don’t get ripped off like I did..

Product or Service Mentioned: Postmates Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: I only want the money that’s owed to me. I was overcharged! I can not recommend you to anyone nor will I ever use your company again unless there were major changes and an explanation for the overcharge. It definitely looks as though it was intentional..

Postmates Cons: No customer service, Seems like scam, Always late and food always cold ans my kids get irritated, Whole experience i had no money back or the food i ordered.

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Don't understand what you are talking about if i can't get a answer i will have to call BBB i rather not Thank you

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