oh I wasn't even able to get a hold of them the phone number is no good you can only get ahold of them through email so I let them know they charged me $54.21 they try to tell me they charged me $45 and clearly on my statement is shows Postmates I've never used them before I'll never use them again the app will be uninstalled and I'll make sure everybody I know I tell them not to mess with Postmates at all.. The end and then they put a 10-day hold on my money and shouldn't even have been done because I didn't even get no food.

I ordered and then they gave me 35 minutes before they wanted to let me know the store was closed but before they did that I had gotten an email stating that a guy at donatos was making my pizza right now and then 30 something minutes later they want to contact me through email and tell me sorry that they're closed and we couldn't send your order and then you charge me $54 and I have to wait 10 days to get it then they're trying to tell me that they released the money already know and no they didn't. I called KeyBank and they said they're waiting on them and they can see exactly when they put a hold on it and how long and what day it's supposed to be released to the bank which I think is pretty *** considering you charged me $54 and all I was trying to order with a pizza anyways a 14-inch pizza 1 topping.. I got charged all that money I didn't even know that was going on so why wouldn't they refund your money ASAP or at least within 1 to 3 business days and that's what their app says and they're not doing one to three business days my *** they do 10-day hold..

and then they lie and tell you they already released it the only way I can get my money back ASAP is I have to call three-way but you can't call them three way. They don't have a phone number for you to call so I have to deal with it and listen to people you email me and lie to me do not use Postmates you will be very very dissatisfied that was my very first time doing that and I order from doordash GrubHub ubereats I've never had any issues with them like this this is horrible.in the other places when you're supposed to get a refund or get your money back for any reason you get it right back..

User's recommendation: Horrible.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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