Hello. I wait on hold, 2.5 hours exhausted, wanting to shower I called you, driving from the destination where I was supposed to be it took that long to answer so the girl finally answered and she said oh let me take it off the grounded button because, I have been banned for the day because I was punished for something that I didn't do. I tried to explain to her that Eureka, did not have the food there nor a ticket, and the supervisor / manager, was a complete *** and the poor front desk Hostess who is probably 17 look like she was going to cry as she told me that there was no food there and the manager well remake one part of the food and not the other part so of course I was Furious and the girl on the other end hear she didn't really care about that you guys one need to answer the phone right away, hire more people, because there's no way someone can be on that hold that long 3 if a person cancel the order while you're in route you need to charge that person $5 for canceling it and give something to your Fleet driver because many times I've been at the destination or very close to the destination, and the order has been cancelled and that's not fair for Fleet drivers because that person should not be able to cancel after let's say five or six minutes they shouldn't be able to cancel after 10 or 15 minutes.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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