I placed an order for food and it took nearly an hour. I finally got an alert my food was on its way, with a 1 min eta.

The restaurant is at least 5 mins from my house, which suggests thats the driver didnt update app on time.

With less than a minute notice I was struggling to get my surgery boot on, grab my crutches and make it to the elevator. Before I could even make it out my apt door and walk my hallway to the elevator, I got a notification to tip my driver! I didnt even get my food, why would I do that? I thought.

Only to discover when myself and my crutches made it downstairs, the driver had just passed off my food to someone else and they both had clearly made a run for it.

To add insult to injury, Postmates doesnt gave a way to speak to someone and didnt give me a full refund AND didnt refund my card!

Why would I be given a credit to use later after an experience like this? So the drivers steal your food or let others steal your food, abd Postmates steals your money.

User's recommendation: Don’t use Postmates.

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