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I ordered a fiesta plate, veggie crepe and breakfast. By way of postmates from the grain cafe.

I didnt get the fiesta plate which was 22$. I called the grain cafe because after logging in calling and trying to reach anyone on postmates support, all I got was a go online message. Which I went and put in a verification code and the page faile over and over. The grain said they gave him the full order.

After spending 15mins trying to get in touch with anyone from postmates with no success the driver shows up with the fiesta plate he forgot to give me. I said oh you forgot to give that to me ive been on the phone with everyone trying to track it. I said thanks and closed the door. He yelled at me through the door like 3 times *** you you stupid *** go *** yourself dumb *** What kind of criminal idiots do you hire?

Seriously. I'm so done with your terrible service. Thanks for the horrible stress you never fail to deliver. Fire that horrible excuse for a delivery man.

And get it together! Seriously!

He walked off saying I should've kept it *** Ok postmates. Yet another disgusting experience from you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Postmates Delivery Service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Postmates Cons: Cant deliver as promised, Bad phone numbers, Never deliver my food, Worst delivery and costumer service ever, Not good food app.

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