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I placed an order with a well known merchant in my area . Never received my food paid $63.66.Help line couldnt find my order I went to the merchant got a copy of my order and had to reorder and pay for another of the same order .

Merchant was kind enough to show me and explain situation and gave me a copy of the order receipt . Told me to get a hold of you because he was considering discontinuing this food delivery place . Help line gave me 2 numbers which no one answers and sends you directly to a website . I dont know how to log in but I have my receipts and pics of my confirmed order .

No one contacted me to deliver my food so where did they go this is the second time I try postmates 1st time he got lost but I was able to call the driver this time I was given no confirmation number nor drivers number . Ive already informed my bank and I want this issue resolved immediately. Very unhappy and very poor on postmates part in getting a hold of anybody but they sure do take your money very easily . Gabriela Galvez (323)320-****

Merchant El Tepeyac

812 N.Evergreen Ave Los Angeles Ca .


Mercuant apologized to me and told me just to walk there next time since I dont drive . Due to this issue and the expense that it caused me which was about $100 I have the receipt for postmates was . $63.66 and additional was $31.75 plus 2 drinks but I dont have the receipt for the two drinks .

But either way it was not worth it at all Thank God the only person with excellent customer service was the Merchant Eddie from El Tepeyac who has been and this Landmark for 30 years . As for postmates well Im so disappointed and upset.

User's recommendation: Next time walk or drive yourself and don’t throw your money Away on these unreliable services !!!!

Location: Downey, California

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