DI ordered for delivery with burgerfi and I noticed that it was put for pickup. I tried to cancel the order by clicking cancel but it would not let me.

I had no way to pick up the order and when I called the restaurant I was told they were unable to get a refund to me. When I tried calling the postmates customer service number there was no option to speak with anyone. I then placed an order for a delivery for wawa because I needed to feed my children. I never got the order.

I kept checking my door but there was nothing! No one ever knocked and I didn't get a message saying it was delivered either. I put that I never received the order and I was basically told I'm lying by you guys! Its ridiculous and I've never had trouble like this with grubhub or ubereats or ever doordash.

I'm telling everyone I know not to use postmates because it sucks! Its about $100 that you guys are trying to take from me and I had to go order McDonald's through grubhub because your service sucks so bad! I want my money back because this is wrong! I wouldn't have placed 2 orders from 2 different places and then went through another company to get food if I did get my food!

I didn't even see a picture when you guys said he dropped off the wawa. It was a black screen with nothing! You need to refund me my money from both places because this is not my fault! I have proof too!

My kids didn't get to eat until after 10 pm because of your poor service! How did I pick up the burgerfi order with no vehicle?

And why would I go order McDonald's if we got the food from wawa? Seriously it is not right!

Location: Clearwater, Florida

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