I attempted to place 2 orders on Sunday 1/3/2021 with unsatisfactory results. The 1st attempt from Just Desserts failed because the merchant neglected to notify me (via app) that 1/2 of my order wasn't available & instead had the driver contact me after the fact.

I expressed my desire to have the order canceled. The merchant proceeded to tell me to cancel my own order at which point I explained that by doing so, I would incur a charge for the full order at no fault of my own and rectification would take several days. I asked the merchant to cancel & they promised that they would. I then got called by the delivery driver several times begging me to cancel the order on my end so that they could continue to work & was told that the merchant was on the phone w/your customer service team working to cancel my order.

After the 4th call from the driver, I canceled the order incurring a $42 charge. I called Customer Service & found out that they HAD NOT been contacted by Just Desserts as reported. I am now waiting 3 days to have my account refunded. My 2nd order attempt from Robata Jinya failed(was canceled by Robata Jinya) after I waited almost an hour & notification that my order was out for delivery.

I've waited 3 hrs and received nothing. I have been an exceptional customer with Postmates and am very disappointed in the paultry compensatory offer that was offered to me AFTER I expressed my extreme distress about the entire situation.

I am relying on Postmates to properly rectify this situation to a customer with very loyal patronage to their establishment. Thank you for your consideration in this matter in advance.

User's recommendation: A company of this size can offer better compensation to their loyal customers.

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