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William Ruiz hi I was sick they said they had covid-19 the next day they said I didn't and then I was in the hospital for 5 days can never contact you guys your new phone number I'll talk to you later begin again I did have fluid in my lungs and pneumonia so ended up not being exactly the Lost of a month's work never received and you pay for sick covid pay unemployment or paying for anything then I had to go back to work sick barely able to take one job two jobs maybe three jobs here and there really can't lift but still working as best as I can as sick as I can I mean I am a shake as I will be I don't know but are they said no I have 80% of my heart is not working and still out trying to do deliveries and make money because I have no other choice pay my bills comes first should I have no other choice so I'm doing instacart and Postmates with 80% of my heart not pumping or whatever they call it so I was hoping some back pay was due of from something no employment or disability you are any sick pay

User's recommendation: I have my paperwork in the car but I'm going to take a picture of you just like one of my scripts.

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If you're experiencing heart failure/issues to that extent, you will easily qualify for Social Security Disability payments, likely including back pay to the date of your issue. You can forget all about sympathy or assistance from Postmates.

You will need to seek alternative funding.

Providing that you are a U.S. citizen, that shouldn't be too hard.

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