This was my only order so don't put some b.s.just because u think u have the upper handle on this...I ordered food through your wonderful honest company I received email stating driver was on the way I live 8 minutes from the Dennys she Sabrina texted me 15 minutes later to tell me she was lost and that she was going to sit the order down at the bottom of the stairs where she was at,283 and I could pick it up there I told her hold on I'll walk down there when I got to where she said she was there was no food and no sign of driver...that's what happened and that's the truth then you guys charge my card 47.00 when the order was only 37.00dollars what a joke..if I don't receive a refund in full I'm going to start with f.b.and all my friends and let ever one know how u treat senior citizens and I will not stop till I get an apology and my money back...Vicki Renteria..February 5.2021

Location: Los Angeles, California

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