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Update by user Apr 04, 2021

April 4, 2021 - Update: No contact from Postmates since the last customer service representative, Trisha B. emailed me confirming everything “looked” good.

This has been the last correspondence to date from Postmates.

Nothing is resolved, even though I’ve filed numerous new complaints regarding that order – copying and pasting the same email showing the error on Postmates end. To be continued…

Original review updated by user Mar 07, 2021

Good evening,

Thank you for looking into this matter. Just to catch everyone up - I placed an order where two items were missing and asked for a credit for the two items and received a credit to my Postmates account in the amount of $3.93.

I was also told by the CSR, Max, that the order was correct, but he was giving me a credit as an apology anyways.

This is what I've discovered completing my own investigation (also a screenshot attached):

(1) Bagel & Cream Cheese: $3.65

(1) Bagel & Cream Cheese: $3.65

(2) Cinnamon Roll with Frosting-Gourmet Muffins: $4.50

(2) Iced Coffee: $7.70

Subtotal + Tax: $19.36

Service Fee: $4.64

Delivery: Free with Unlimited

Tip: $10.00

Total: $34.46

However, this does not add up. Above is directly from the Postmates app, my order. Please see below, where if you add just the food alone the math comes to this:

(1) Bagel & Cream Cheese: $3.65

(1) Bagel & Cream Cheese: $3.65

(2) Cinnamon Roll with Frosting-Gourmet Muffins: $4.50

(2) Iced Coffee: $7.70

____________________________ Total: $19.50

There is a difference of $0.14; it appears that Postmates incorrectly added the costs of each food item and estimated taxes and did not charge me enough ($0.14). Correct me if Im wrong.

Continuing along, the tax on prepared food, specifically from the restaurant where I placed my order is 10%.

If I did the math correctly, the subtotal and tax and comes to:

$19.50 (subtotal) + $1.95 (10% tax) = $21.45

The second escalated correspondence I had with Postmates was a request for a simple $4.50 credit for the cinnamon rolls (keeping in mind, this is how it read on the app). I felt this to be justified at the time, as this order was so simple that surely it would have been hard to miss two items with such a small order.

Now, theres the issue with the original receipt provided by the vendor, that was attached in Tricia B.s email. Here is where I notice the error, not a single Postmates rep caught or the restaurant. This one little piece of paper that the Postmates driver took a photo of, this is what inevitably led me to type out this long, overly explained email.

It appears the restaurant did not get the order correct unsure how this transpired, but I understand mistakes happen.

Naturally, the driver forgot two items it wasnt even on the receipt for the order she picked up.

Breakdown of vendor receipt:

Bagel w/Cream Cheese x 2 $8.40

Espresso Drinks x 2 $9.20

Subtotal $17.60

Sales Tax $1.76

Total $19.36

To my surprise and quite honestly a relief too, the math is correct on the restaurants receipt. Note there are no cinnamon rolls on the restaurant receipt.

Postmates has charged me for two cinnamon rolls - the restaurant did not. According to Postmates I purchased 6 items and I paid $19.36, however according to the restaurant I paid $19.36 for 4 items.

The restaurant did not charge me for cinnamon rolls, and I never received the cinnamon rolls. Postmates reflects the same order total (how Postmates got their math, will forever remain a mystery) as the restaurant, even with reflecting the costs for two cinnamon rolls.

I hope I havent lost you.

As the food was delivered, I checked to confirm all food was accounted for, which is when I realized two items were missing. I proceeded to call the Postmates driver to check if she left the cinnamon rolls, by mistake, at the restaurant. The number for the driver is a masked number so she was no longer able to receive calls/texts from myself. Understandable.

I called both restaurant locations, as they have two in Birmingham, AL just to confirm they didnt have my items left by accident.

The first location advised me that I would have to contact Postmates. The second location advised me that they would refund my account and without asking for any additional details or any of my information the unknown worker disconnected the call.

I never got a credit from the restaurant. Max from Postmates customer service, provided me with a hefty $3.93 credit to my Postmates account. Still don't understand the actual dollar amount or reasoning behind my Postmates credit.

No one bothered to investigate this.

Not even Tricia - the Postmates CSR rep who, and I quote stated I checked the order carefully and made sure you werent charged for anything you didnt receive.She was mistaken, and beyond that she didnt escalate this concern to someone above her

Additionally, can we discuss the basic mathematics of Postmates subtotal? In this situation Postmates should have owned and corrected the problem.

There seems to be a lack of initiative on the CSRs that work for Postmates, and a lack of care or concern on Postmates the company as a whole.

At this point, Ive consumed way too much of my time and energy which is highly valued, on this remedial matter.

I am asking for the entire order of $34.46 to be refunded directly to the card used to place this order.

I feel that is not an outstanding request considering the amount of time Ive taken to try and explain this now, to five different people.

Please know that if I am not indemnified for Postmates error in the amount of $34.46, I will continue to escalate this issue. A response to this concern is warranted as well, only to confirm the credit for my refund and verification that this concern has been addressed with the appropriate people, so to ensure this does not happen again.

Lastly, I would like to make mention that I have discontinued my membership with Postmates and removed the platform from my smartphone, as I dont foresee myself needing any further assistance from Postmates when theres a plethora of other options.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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