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The third order at Apple was cancel, and it was not updated on Postmates end. I sat there for in an hour trying out ways to get past the completion pick up to continue my deliveries.

I called the fleet app's customer service number, the phone was hung up on me twice, so I had no other choice to give the deliveries back to apples manager and inform him of the situation. Me being a fleet member I feel this is unfair. It makes it hard for the fleet team to do their job properly. Also, when deliveries are late or have any updates, we are not notified: furthermore, I can't even cancel the delivery.

I have to wait until Postmates contact me. Even if I called the service line, it either an hour or more wait time or nobody picks up. The few time I was able to speak with someone from customer service I always ask them to note the same problem. Please if someone can look into this issue?!

I believe it will be beneficial for the company, employees and customers. Better communication, equal faster deliveries, which make customers happier and provide more business and clients thank you for hearing me out please feel free to contact me about my claims


Donovan Destin

Preferred solution: Fleet member looking for change .

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