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Postmates Support from your 7-Eleven order

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Daniel Wells

Apr 23, 4:53 PM

Hi Brian,

Thanks for writing back to us regarding your cold wrong 7-Eleven Pepperoni Pizza. I apologize if you have not received this order. Let me assist you in this case quickly.

Unfortunately, you have used a referral promo of $25.00 to be used on this order, thus making us unable to initiate either refund or credit to your account. Please kindly take note that you ended up with a final charge of $1.00 on this order. Also, you might see a temporary hold processed on your card with an amount of $1.00, please do not be alarmed as this charged will expire estimatedly within 1-3 business days.

I hope this clears things out a bit on your end. If you have any questions in mind, kindly let me know and we'll be sure to help you out quickly. Thanks for being the best part of Postmates and have a safe day ahead, Brian!

Daniel W.

Customer Experience Associate


Brian Skordahl

Apr 23, 4:42 PM

You have to be *** kidding me?! I am so damn pissed off now and sorry for the language but Postmates is such a scam and the worst service I have ever used. Between this and like 3 other issues I have had and as well as my girlfriend having issues and you guys do absolutely nothing when there is an issue except lie and say you strive to do better. And I understand that I used credit which btw was because I was promoting and referring business for you. Which I now regret. I cannot believe that you treat customers the way you do. Postmates revenue was over 1 billion dollars last year. And you are going to try and tell me you cannot issue a refund or it doesnt even need to be a refund. But you cannot credit my account for the amount of the pizza? And also I will add which I wasnt going to because you guys wouldnt care anyways but I also ordered the king size Twix and they brought the regular size. And its really convenient how you dont have a phone number to call customer service. Because the line would be busy with all the people calling. So now since you wont address my issue the correct way I am now going to have to make sure to spread the word and make sure to tell anyone and everyone the bad service I received. So I hope the 7-10 bucks credit was worth the negative reviews that could of fixed the issue when your a billion dollar company.

Charlotte Woods

Apr 23, 4:07 PM

Hi Brian,

We work hard to ensure your order is 100% correct, so Im sorry to hear that you received something other than the Pepperoni Pizza you ordered. I'll be more than happy to assist you with this matter.

Upon checking, it shows that we cannot issue a refund since Postmates credit was used for this transaction.

Were sorry about the error, but thank you for telling us about thiswe look forward to getting it right next time. Have a great day, Brian!

Charlotte W.

Customer Service Professional


Brian Skordahl

Apr 23, 3:49 PM

Hi Postmates,

I'd like to report the following about my recent order from 7-Eleven:

* Pepperoni Pizza: Received wrong item (Comment: I ordered a cooked 7 eleven whole pizza and they brought me a frozen Digornio pizza from the frozen foods. Not cooked in the box. I am staying in a hotel and do not have a oven. This is absolutely ridiculous Alli I have had is issue every time myself or someone Im with has ordered from postmates. The sad part is I had used some credit because I referred someone and now I regret that I did. So what is going to be done to fix this. Im hungry )

Thank youo .

dont use them

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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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