I ordered restaurant food through Postmates. Things were going well UNTIL My driver got close my to apartment.

Then it showed her going in the opposite direction and marked my order as "delivered". I was outside long before her supposed arrival and no one had pulled into my parking lot. Driver never attempted to contact me. I filed a complaint in the app immediately, and it said I would be contacted.

Next thing I see is Postmates marked my complaint as "resolved" and I was never contacted. They didn't even tell me how they supposedly resolved it. The customer service phone number has been canceled and doesn't work anymore. The app won't let me contact them again about the issue.

I guess I'm never seeing my money again. How unprofessional and is very scam-like.

I'm in disbelief. There seems to be no repercussions for these bad drivers and no help for the victims of this fraudulent behavior.

User's recommendation: User Beware.

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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