I was a driver for Postmates and stopped driving for them right before my state shutdown due to the pandemic. I had called them to deactivate my account due to my dissatisfaction with one of my trips which cost me more than an hour of my time.

Not being able to contact customer support I used my judgement and resolved the issue without pay. I filed for unemployment and listed Postmates as well as my other employer. I was approved and finally began receiving my benefits about 6 weeks ago. This is now week two that I have not received any benefits.

Finally being able to contact my local unemployment office, I discovered the reason why I am no longer receiving my benefits. It is because Postmates informed my local office that I was to return to work on 5 July 2020. How is this possible? Well, I reached out to them.

I first spoke with a young lady who stated my account was closed. I requested to speak with a supervisor and was transferred me to JaMeisha or Meisha as she identified herself. She represented herself as a member of the HR staff. I began to explain to her my plight.

I asked her if she is representing HR who would say that I am returning to work as this is not true? as these types of jobs you work on your terms. She agreed but could not assist me further or tranfer me to someone who could. The only thing she could assist me with was deactivating my account which she said was still active.

Wow! Really? She then transferred me to a survey because I demanded answers. I called back and spoke with Shawn (female) who identified herself as a Fleet Supervisor.

She refused to give me the correct spelling of her name by the way and the conversation went south from there. It seems to me that something should be done because this company erroneously reported information to my local unemployment office which is impacting me grossly in a negative way. Sad to say they are not interested in trying to help me resolve this matter. According to my local office it may take approximately 8 weeks before I have an interview to attempt to resolve this matter.

Eight weeks!!! Being that Uber has recently purchased this company let us pray that they will clean house.

User's recommendation: Beware.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Postmates Cons: No custmer service number.

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