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Hello I'm a delivery driver for post mate I really enjoy delivering for the company a customer placed an order threw the app I drove to the McDonald's and it was closed I was unable to get in touch with the customer I tried going to another McDonald's placed an order and then the card didn't work I really didn't know what to do I got stuck with that order in my fleet app so I was forced to cancel the order something I didn't want to do because I just want to deliver products. If there can be technical changes in the cancel order section other than just the only option there is reason of cancellation GOTTA GO OFFLINE not necessarily every cancellation order is due to going of line.

In my situation the location was closed so I feel there should be a OTHER option or icon to explain why canceling order other than going of line like location closed?

it would help drivers to better explain why we are cancelling orders other than just going of line. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Postmates Fleet Mobile Application.

Location: Miami, Florida

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